About Me

Hello! I'm so glad you found my shop! Welcome to my personal little corner of the internet where I can share the magic I make wearable.

I've been watching my mom sew, create and redecorate for as long as I can remember, so my passion for creating started early. Once I realized that small, shiny objects could be worn around all day, I got obsessed! Beads, polymer clay miniatures, small leather leaves, anything that reminded me of the woods or faerie creatures got dangled from ear wires or necklaces. While my capacity for mathematical study has always directed my primary job pursuits, I've never lost the deep sense of wonder at small, shiny objects or the desire to create things that bring others joy throughout their day.

I had recently been introduced to Instagram when I stumbled across wire wrapping. I was awed by the delicate details that could be made from such sturdy materials! I just knew that it would be too hard for me to do with such weak, small hands. It wasn't long though, before one of the artists I admired announced that she was de-stashing many of her stones and asked if anyone else wanted to learn her trade. I nervously reached out. While I waited for my first box of cabochons to make their way from Canada, I placed an order for some copper wire. After just one tutorial on setting stones from another artist I admire, I was creating magic that I never thought possible!

If you ever happen to be perusing Instagram, do yourself a favor and look up @foxtail.and.anchor to see some of the most luxurious opal jewelry available and the artist who gave me my first stones, and @oxana124 to see who taught me everything I needed to get started!

I really feel like all of my creative pursuits thus far have led up to this. Welcome to my dream world. I hope you like it here.